Rosco ortho canada we are the leading distributor for reliance orthodontic bonding suply in Canada.

The leader in orthodontic bonding adhesive products for all types of orthodontic dental work. As you will notice, we specialize in adhesives for all bonding needs, with all types of appliances to any surface. Since our inception in 1981, we have achieved the reputation of providing consistent, quality adhesives available in a variety of delivery systems at a cost far below competition. Before we sell a product commercially, it is field tested clinically for two years. This thorough evaluation insures that each product performs to satisfaction for the full treatment time and is chemically safe for you, your staff and patients.


Assure sealent 6cc
Assure sealent 6cc

Assure sealent 6cc

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Assure universal bonding resin

will increase adhesion to normal, atypical, dry or slightly contaminated enamel. Assure bonds to metal restorations without additional primers. no drying or light cured required.

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