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Rosco ortho canada, has only the best auxilliary attachments. From the mini mold technique, crimping hooks, stops and traction hooks.


mini mold kit
mini mold kit

mini mold kit

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Fabricate buttons, bite ramps, habit control spikes, temporary brackets, molar tubes, molar pads and create uniform lingual retainer bonds using light cure adhesives. Each mold is designed to pack with light cure adhesive, press against tooth, cure and peel away mold leaving a formed auxiliary on any tooth in just minutes.

Starter kit features three of each mold design, two application handles and instructions.

Individual mold designs sold in packs of 10 tips plus handle and instructions.

Compatible with Reliance® Assure™, Light Bond® & Quick Cure™ adhesives.

Make fixed retainers, tongue cribs, and bite-opening appliances without impressions. Mini-Molds do the job quickly and easily with 7 different reusable tips.

Just fill the tip (choose from the 7 different treatment aids included in the starter kit) place on tooth, and cure. In seconds, Mini-Mold tips precisely cast a light-cured resin appliance.

Mini Molds are ideal for aesthetic attachments. A great solution for sensitive patients. Simple choose from the 6 mold types, fill the mold with light cure resin, and place the mold on the desired tooth and light cure. Fluoride releasing. Available in a kit of 21 (3 of each style) or individual style packages of 10.

Wire Ramp

Habit Bracket

Pad Button


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