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Silicone Magic touch
Silicone Magic touch

Silicone Magic touch

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Introducing our MAGIC TOUCH BRACE RELIEF Pocket Kit.

Each kit contains six Brace Gard™ silicone rods and an 1/8 oz. tube of orthodontic gel. BRACE RELIEF gel is a very important part of our BRACE RELIEF Orthodontic Pocket Kit System, and, when used in conjunction with our Brace Gard™ Silicone Wax, patient complaints of discomfort are dramatically reduced.

We feel that this antiseptic, anesthetic orthodontic gel is the finest formulation for the relief of abraded mouth tissue and to PREVENT INFECTION.

We would like you to trial this product on a few of your chronic patients to see how well it works for both abrasions and apthous ulcers.



Brace Gard™ Silicone Brace Wax is simply pinched over the offending bracket, pushing material under and behind the bracket, forming a gripping configuration (mechanical retention).

Brace Gard


Brace Gard™ is transparent for a pleasing appearance and remains pliable allowing the patient to remove and reapply.

Because Brace Gard™ is so comfortably smooth the patient adapts immediately after application.





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