You can download the orthoviewer here

3D Imaging and Storing from Rosco Free up you office space.

At Rosco Ortho Canada we can scan all your impressions and study models and transform them into a .STL data file for life.We can eliminate all your headaches by scanning all your archived models.freeing up office space or storage expenses.

easy file retrieving and sharing.

The procedure is very simple. Send us the impression or study model (shipping free of charge) along with return form (linked here).

We will send you an email in the upcoming days with a confirmation of your new .STL file to be stored along with your patients file.

Details of 1 digital scan

  1. Patients data information entry
  2. Digitalizing the Maxilary, Mandibulairy and the Occlusion.
  3. Exporting the file to a protected external and internal server ( at no extra cost).
  4. Returning all Data documents back to the email specified.
  5. All transportation included.

Take advantage of our package deals and free up your valuble

  1. 200x cases
  2. 500x cases
  3. 1000x and more all transportation is coverd by Rosco Ortho Canada


 Here at Rosco ortho Canada, we don't only sell orthodontic supplies, We also Scan with the latest 3D laser scanners from 3shape. We can scan all your plaster study models, and your alginate impressions and digitalize them so you could pull them up when you need them with a simple clic of your fingure tip.
 We also store them on a encrypted database secured server, and save all you data files for life.
At no extra cost.


We can also print out a physical high definition study model printed and delivered to your office with in 24 to 48 hrs at the cost 40$




Have acces at all times from anywhere in the 
office and have a effective, simple inventory rotation. How many times have you pulled out a 
plaster model and it was damaged, and then placed in the wrong storage box or even the wrong year! 

  We can provide you at no extra cost for the 
 3D viewer. The viewer is a simple progame 
 that we give you once you are using the 3D scanning service from Rosco Ortho Canada.

Please call us or email us for more info for are prices and package deals.