You can find all The Advantages with the Ortho-Tain products from Rosco ortho Canada. 


™ positioner is made in 3 types. The first is the non-extraction (“N”) series appliance with a full complement of teeth including the second permanent molars. This positioner is designed in graduated sizes that vary by 1.5mm in the widths of the upper anteriorteeth from the distal of one adult canine to the other. In other words, the smallest size (1N) will accommodate maxillary teeth from 39.5mm in total widths up to the largest size (7N) of 60.0mmor about 97% of all human variation. There are also two other styles; one that accommodates 4premolar extractions (“X” series) consisting of 11 graduated sizes and one that accommodates upper premolar extractions (“U” series) consisting of 9 sizes. 

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