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Pefect Smile

perfect smile s’applique à l’intérieur des aligneurs ,aucune préparation est nécéssaire




Assure Plus

un resine pour touts les surface
Assure PLUS All Surface Bonding Resin 6 cc

New! Assure Plus All Surface Bonding Resin will increase adhesion to normal, atypical, dry or slightly contaminated enamel AND NOW ZIRCONIA AND ACRYLIC TEMPS WITHOUT ADDITIONAL PRIMERS. This universal bonding agent bonds to metal restorations AND NOW PORCELAIN without hydrofluoric acid. Can be used with any light or chemical cure system.

Assure Plus All Surface Bonding Resin will bond to the following surfaces:

Bleached or wet normal and atypical enamel
Dentin / Cementum
Gold, Amalgam, Stainless Steel
Composite restorations
Acrylic temporary / pontic teeth


The new GTS spring


Upper GTS spigns system picture

Lower GTS spigns system picture


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